The purpose of this site is exactly as the title conveys.

One of the most difficult but rewarding periods of my life was when my son was between the ages of 7 and 12.  I found myself as a single parent, through circumstances I did not choose and that were far from ideal.  But God is able to use all things for good and I bonded with my son in ways that might not have been possible were it not for those hardships and that special season when it was just me and him.

I look back on those years with great fondness and gratitude for the tremendous privilege I was afforded.  He’s grown and married now, with a child of his own, and is a fine young man of whom my wife and I are very proud.  The days when I could tell him what to do are well behind us – as they should be – and the steps he takes are now his own.  But he will never be so old as to be beyond my prayers or beyond my love as a father, nor beyond my desire to pass along wisdom that might help him in his journey.

Hence, this site.

So although I welcome all who come here to read, and hope that what is shared will indeed find a broader audience, these pages are primarily for him.  A father offering insight to his son, relying on the only sure source of wisdom and instruction I have found along the way: God’s Word.


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  1. Glad that you are finding them of value. There is quite a cross-section of people commenting on Dalrock – from polygamists to atheists to PUAs to anti-semites to Catholics to Evangelical Christians to everything in between. Not everyone appreciates my comments, and I am surprised by what is controversial and what is not. Seems I have sparked some controversy as of late.

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